Top 4 Book Shelf Speakers Just For Your Perfect Taste!

Music is the ultimate relief to sooth you at the end of a hectic day or can be the perfect solace of a pensive heart. Thus if you are a music lover and it is part of your daily existence then you need a perfect bookshelf speaker that will work fine, consume a very little space and yet will look grand. Here are some of the best bookshelf speakers just for you.

Reference 3A MM de Capo BE

The Reference 3A MM de Capo BE is a Canadian based bookshelf speaker that stands perfect for the class and quality. While there are other speakers in market too, this one is more accurate and clear, but also touches your heart. Not the typical in style, this one is to rock out, and still sound very credible with symphonic music and perfect design.

Magico Q1 speaker

Magico Q1 speaker hails from California, and known to be one of the most acknowledged speakers. Made with aluminum and copper design, this speaker is the smallest of the brand that comes with 44 inches of height (stand included) and 120 pounds of weight. If you have love for the perfect sound quality then Magico Q1 is the perfect answer for you.

Top Bookshelf Speakers

Top Bookshelf Speakers

Dayton Audio B652-AIR

This list of bookshelf speakers is brimming with budget, mid-fi, and high-end contenders, and each one was selected for its exceptional sound quality. This low-priced speaker measures 11.8 inches high (299mm), and it has a 6.5-inch (165mm) polypropylene woofer that’s a good deal larger than what you’ll find in most budget speakers. And instead of a dome tweeter the B652-AIR boasts an air motion transformer tweeter. This flat, 1-inch (25mm) square tweeter promises clearer, lower-distortion sound than many dome tweeters can manage.

Bowers & Wilkins 805 D3

Bowers & Wilkins is a true statement design for class and quality sound.  It combines bona-fide audiophile cred with the accuracy of sound. The Bowers & Wilkins 805 D3 offers a synthetic diamond tweeter and a radically redesigned midrange or woofer. The high-resolution sound redefines the standard for speakers of this size. So why wait just go and grab the master piece.

Final Words

Music is the food for life and when it denotes your choice and class then it becomes the perfect combination. It is not that there are no other speakers available in the market, but the list we have offered here is already well acknowledged in the market.


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