Our Guide to Go for The Best Down Jackets

If you are living or have a keen interest in traveling to cold places, it is an obvious thing for you to get exposed to the extreme conditions. And for a winter gear, there are a lot of things to go with. We shall proceed with the most important one out here that is a jacket. But when those heavy weighted jackets are considered, owners feel a bit discomfort. Therefore, with modern technology, there arise the best down jackets that not only offer comfort but also happen to be a win-win thing to customers. Here we have mentioned 3 top down jackets that can be useful for you.

Best Down Jackets of this Year

Outdoor Research Transcendent Down Sweater

The Outdoor Research Transcendent Down Sweater happens to be the first product in our list. Manufactured by Outdoor Research, the down jacket is incredibly comfortable and light weighted in order to offer comfort when temperature falls. Not only that, it also offers impressive compressibility, such that you can easily pack it in your bag without being immensely spacious. One of the pros that we really like about this particular down jacket is, it fits well unlike those puffy and big ones. Besides, the pricing also fits your pocket conveniently.

best down jackets

Top down jackets of 2017

Columbia Platinum Turbo Down Jacket

For the last 70 years, the Columbia Sportswear Company has been manufacturing out gears. This brings us to the review the Columbia Platinum Turbo Down Jacket that happens to be one of the best down jackets offering thinness. With the inclusion of Omni-Heat reflective lining, the down jacket also comes binding at the cuff and the collar. Not only that, but the sweater also comes with zippered pockets and drawcord adjustable hem as well. The best part is it offers super warmth against cold weather at the hillsides.

Mountain Hardwear Nitrous Down Jacket

Discovered back in 1993, the California-based company makes high-tech outdoor gear and clothes including sleeping bags, gloves, tents and more. Though the company was eventually purchased by Mountain Hardwear in 2003, it has managed to retain the position. Talking about Mountain Hardwear Nitrous Down Jacket, it is extremely light and is comfortable and has enough compressibility to fit into your backpack.

Wrap Up

We have discussed three major best down jackets out here. In case you liked what you just read right here, don’t forget to share it with your close ones. And in case you own a different down jacket, let us know the features offered.

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