NBA 2K18: Here’s a List of Probable Superstars who can feature in the Game as the Cover Star

The sports video games have always been one of the most favorite genres that the gamers engage themselves in playing. And one of the reasons behind such popularity of the video games from the sports genre is the fact that the games from this genre are always very close to reality. The gamers always have a much more realistic feel while playing such games. The development in the technology has a lot to do with that and the way in which things are moving it is certainly one of our expectations that things are bound to get much better in the coming days.

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Talking about video games from the sports genre, we have the NBA 2K18. There is not much time left before the launch of the NBA 2K18 Gameplay for we are already approaching the end of the first half of the year 2017 and the launch of the game is expected to take place in the month of September. So it can be remarked that there is not much time left before the launch of the game which has prompted the rise in the flow of news and updates related to the game.

The most popular debate that has been going on around among the fans surrounding the game NBA 2K18 is regarding who is going to be the cover star of the game. There are quite a number of popular NBA players whose names are floating at the moment as the potential cover star for the upcoming edition of the game in the NBA 2K series. And here we are with the highlights of the names which are in contention of finding their place on the cover of NBA 2K18.

The first and foremost name that has been suggested as one of the probable is Russell Westbrook. He has been one of the in-form players and is well contention for the most valuable player award of the season. He could well be the perfect figure to feature on NBA 2K18 cover, but the fact that he appeared on the cover of the game NBA Live 16 which is actually a rival to the NBA 2K series might make things a bit difficult for him.

There have also been quite a few number of discussions on around in the market regarding Allen Iverson. It has been not many that he has been included in the Hall of Fame, so there are high chances that he could be the cover star of the game NBA 2K18. The fans would really love to see him on the cover page. And if that happens, it will certainly not be the first time that Allen Iverson would be on the cover of a game in the NBA 2K series.

The other names which are also in the list of the probable are Kawhi Leonard, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving. We are not yet sure whether these players are going to feature on the cover of the game. But there are chances that these players might end up on the cover of the game. What will eventually happen, depends on the developers. So to know that we have to wait for a few more days.

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