FIFA 18 Needs to Include a Better Commentary Team

We have come across a number of new inclusions in the field of video games. And the changes are quite clearly visible in the gameplay. It has evident that the games which belong to the genre of sports or the games which involve an open world gameplay have improved a lot; courtesy to the improvement that has taken place in the technological sphere. In the coming days, experts, as well as the gamers, are expecting more innovations to come that would make video games even more realistic than what it is at this point in time.

As we take a look at the video games, we can notice the changes if we take a look at the series of games. And that’s one of the prime reasons why the games in the FIFA franchise has been so popular. The changes that have been brought in almost each and every edition of the game which has come out every year since its first inception a couple of decades ago have really enthralled the gamers. It is not surprising that the changes can be noticed even more prominently in the last few editions for the range of the development have been really wide.

Now as we slowly approach the second half of the year 2017, we wait for the launch of the game FIFA 18. And quite naturally the gamers are having their own expectations regarding what are the things that the developers are going to include in the game FIFA 18. And one of the things that most of the gamers would love to see changing is the artificial intelligence in the game FIFA 18. There’s been a particular emphasis on the AI of the games which are expected to come in the next few years. So it would be really great to find out a more improved AI in the game FIFA 18.

Besides, that one thing that the developers of the game should include in the upcoming edition of the game is a more varied commentary. Commentary has always been one of the integral parts of any game, both in real life as well in the virtual life. So the gamers would really welcome more variations as far as commentary is concerned. And that includes the presence of a number of eminent commentators. In the available editions of the game in the FIFA franchise, we have Martin Tyler and Andy Gray who have been phenomenal. But we would also love to see the likes of Peter Drury and Jim Beglin making an appearance in the game FIFA 18.

Along with that the expert comments and the criticism that the experts make could make the game even more realistic. So Electronic Arts might just think about bringing a more extensive commentary team in the upcoming version of FIFA.

Along with the expected changes like the one in the graphics of the game would also be a welcome change for the gamers. FIFA 17, to be very honest, could not live up to the expectations of the gamers. And it would be a real shame if FIFA 18 fails to deliver.

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