Daredevil Season 3 Spoilers: Bullseye is Said to be the Ultimate Antagonist

An antagonist plays a huge role in making a series intriguing, and it seems that the third instalment of Daredevil is going to feature the most ruthless negative character of all time. Speculations are strong that Bullseye may appear in the forthcoming entry of the show. As far as new Daredevil Season 3 spoilers are concerned, Bullseye is set to become the ultimate antagonist of the series. Most of you might be aware of the feud between Daredevil and Bullseye and watching them going against each other would be quite engaging to witness.

Bullseye’s Clash with Daredevil

Several Daredevil Season 3 spoilers say that Bullseye is going to make things extremely difficult for the protagonist due to which they will end up having a big face-off. Bullseye is known for his powers and the way he uses objects as a lethal projectile. He has never missed his targets as well. Therefore, his appearance would surely raise the intensity of the show to a great extent. But the most absorbing part would be to watch the major clash between him and Daredevil.

spoilers of Daredevils Season 3

Daredevils season 3 spoilers

Bullseye Could be the Reason Behind Karen Page’s Death

Reports earlier had already highlighted that Karen Page could get killed in the new season and now the recent speculations of Daredevil Season 3 say that Bullseye might be the reason behind the character’s demise. The same thing has already been written in one of the comic books of Daredevil due to which the predictions have become quite strong now. Therefore, people have actually started mulling about the scenario.

Karen, on the other hand, is said to fetch a lot of limelight this time. We already saw her coming to know about Matt’s truth in the second installment. But her reaction to it was not depicted that time and fans are certainly expecting to witness it in the new installment. Several of her fans are in dismay after hearing about the speculation related to her death in Daredevil Season 3 but we can only be sure of it once the new entry gets rolled out.

Wrap Up

We can surely expect to come across some more Daredevil Season 3 spoilers in a few days as the hype around the installment is building up. The third entry is definitely going to be much absorbing than the earlier two installments.

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